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I can no longer see the autos, GU, RC, etc. That you normal see in trades. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks
Yea, same here man. Sucks going through 500 pages of base and inserts lol. Theyll fix it eventually
Yup. At least they got the years figured out!! Lol
Jeeez, I hadn't seen that yet.

Problem after problem, never ending
They broke my Recently Traded View in my Org as well. One step forward, one back = net gain unsure.
I have the same problem this sucks
Fix one thing and screw something else up. This should be Beckett's new slogan
No pricing when looking through my org, lol!

Sorry. That's about all I can do anymore is laugh about this garbage!

Every time we log on they should just play that "yakkity saks" song or however you spell it.
Its the "Cutting Edge" of on line simplicity. Like ACA, your money doesn't get much, especially a working system.

Nothing new here, move along ! ! !
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