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I was given a graded vintage Williams as a gift Smile, so now I am looking to move my ungraded 56 Williams.

A little wear and faint crease, but pretty good shape. Have it listed as 4 in my trade org, as that's about the trade value I'm putting on it.

I like nice autos, star rookies, or other HOF vintage in return... but am open to whatever catches my eye. Would consider taking back a package if they are the right cards and in my favor.

Also have other lower / mid end stuff listed, all open offers welcome!

[Image: photo_zps616faccc.jpg]

[Image: photo2_zps308eeda5.jpg]
Hmmm... That would go nice with my '56 Mantle! Feel free to check me, thanks!
Please check me! We'll make something happened. Guarenteed
offers responded to. demondukk i didn't see anything, only looking for baseball, thanks tho
some interest but no deal. going to give this a few more attempts thanks
Check me
did not see anything thanks tho
BUMP still have this, itching to move it here is your chance to get it at a bargain
Please put me in line, thanks
Feel free to check me. Thanks.
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