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As many of you old traders know we had a faded Don Larsen card that we shipped out in trades and whoever got the card in a trade initialed their state,country or territory. The card reached to Germany and back and even made it halfway through the states...Now he has gone missing and his whereabouts are unknown. I am going to start this back up again but i will be using the cards you see below...If you get the card in a trade please send it forward to the next trade...We will send new cards out as each one gets filled up. lets see how far and where these cards go! ***IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE TELL THE OTHER TRADER AND IF YOU DO PARTICIPATE PLEASE SEND THE CARD TO THE NEXT TRADER***

[Image: _3_zpsff6713f6.jpg]
Hell yea, sounds fun! Check my offer and shoot it back over. Got a few more to add
That's a fun idea!
sounds fun
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