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Part 3 is a mix, Have FUN...Mel
The Bucket
Goose Gossage ( 12 )
[Image: scan0020.jpg]
Tom Seaver ( 12 )
[Image: scan0021.jpg]
Kent Tekulve ( 13 )
[Image: scan0022.jpg]
Bonds Jackson, McGwire
[Image: scan0023.jpg]
Piazza, Puckett, Minis, Dawson, Jeter, Ripken
[Image: scan0001-1.jpg]
McGwire, Ripken, Jeter, Pujols, Heyward, Ichiro, Strawberry, Arod, Piazza
[Image: scan0002-1.jpg]
Ripken, Jeter, O'Neill, Fielder, Galarraga, Canseco
[Image: scan0003-1.jpg]
Bagwell, McGwire, Toran, Clark, Griffey, Johnson
[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]
Boggs, Gonzallez
[Image: scan0005-2.jpg]
Check me for mini die cuts from 2014 topps
early on a Saturday Night
Valentines Day, are you Happy?
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