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I am looking for Yankees Legendary Lumbers I do not have...If you have any for trade or for sale please send me a message. Below is what i already have:

[Image: _57_zps5f679c65.jpg]
[Image: 010_zpsaca76a8a.jpg]
[Image: 012_zps9ff9cc29.jpg]
[Image: 011_zps85c3aeaa.jpg]
[Image: 008_zpsddc51387.jpg]
[Image: 007_zps241e8af0.jpg]
[Image: KGrHqVnkFHISVZK7BQDIc8dcg60_3_zps649890d0.jpg]
[Image: 008_zps21e84c82.jpg]
[Image: 007_zps7ab734ed.jpg]
[Image: 009_zpsf03f932c.jpg]
Just traded for a Winfield anyone else?
your photos don't show up can you post a list?
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