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Have way to much stuff laying around don't need any of this stuff because its not my pc items.. If any interest please let me know

 photo 7474CEF9-905A-4872-900F-0546B0554911_zpsyln992ip.jpg

 photo BE1DF802-0309-4044-B632-E3EBD5C2A949_zpsiquldchv.jpg

 photo F39460EC-CB1E-49DA-8B18-65DE524550C5_zpsnamkjdbx.jpg

 photo F5E0C0A3-0192-4F23-855C-6AD11997345D_zpspurxj5m9.jpg

 photo 9F31D315-7D91-4B54-94C7-6533A9366891_zpsafvgqxxu.jpg
Purple refractors

 photo 63EB0EB3-B60C-4DA1-8845-3E0B775109AC_zpsx5zqb1c5.jpg

 photo 2C026E79-53DE-4E1C-BED5-2D998B3FCFAA_zps6sslgcpr.jpg

 photo 03DE543C-80FF-4448-949E-C4CA547E1DD0_zpsslb5xsxm.jpg

 photo 5EE55478-D407-4D8A-96B7-F9BD8D5A0AAF_zpsglkubgbh.jpg

 photo 33A0CF53-C42D-407B-9A1D-009FCB68372E_zps5tejxnea.jpg

 photo 9714EC39-A2C8-403D-AC8A-A144E2DE9CFE_zpso3kfh5pd.jpg

 photo C50CAE36-04A3-4594-8F65-FEE1BE02E497_zpsn71hvhrr.jpg
could use the Redsox GU, Megatron RC,Kobe, and maybe Lebrons. Would be willing to move a bunch in your favor to start the downsize... pm what you need, thanks bud
Check me for Calvin, Myers and purple bundy
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