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I'm trying to get a bunch of 80's & 90's sets cleaned up. Looking to trade to finish up the following sets. I have both my wants and trades marked. So here's your chance to get rid of any lost decade cards that are weighting down your collections.

1982 Topps
1983 Fleer
1986 Fleer All-Stars
1988 Donruss
1988 Donruss Bonus MVP's
1988 Fleer All-Stars
1989 Score
1990 Fleer
1990 Fleer All-Stars
1991 Donruss Bonus Cards
1991 Fleer All Stars
1991 Ultra Gold
1993 Donruss
1993 Upper Deck
1996 Bowman

Also looking for any other wants I have, but my focus today is on getting these sets done.
I have 88 donruss, 1990 fleer, 1993 upperdeck marked for trade. I will even trade in your favor just to move them out of my collection
offer sent. also if you send me a list of 88 donruss I have a 5K box full of it so I'm sure I can help and I might have some of the others but I'll check when I get home
offer sent
Jody, I have over 100 of your wants but I only need one card from you - the Strawberry RC. Would you consider buying?
Offer sent
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