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Title says it all! Im looking to trade for or buy Chipper Jones card. Willing to trade base for base too.

Send some offers and lets see some high end for sale!
I have this patch

[Image: B85C14AD-F5B6-4A8B-A089-1F0A8B71B510_zpsgjb5rfrb.jpg]
Nice, I could use that, willing to trade?
Anyone else?
I know these arent high end but I figured I would try. Message me as I don't frequent the baseball boards much

[Image: 095_zpsaef1d5f1.jpg]
[Image: 105_zps498037b4.jpg]
[Image: 106_zps60837c78.jpg]

There also another 10 single scanned chippers in my photbucket let me know
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