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[Image: scan0001-1.jpg]
Probably a 4 with nice color. 100 for those are teetering about the Classic era...Mel
Anyone here part of the Pepsi generation?
LOL Mel...Its not like it used to be in here...I am finding that out everyday
Hey! saying its SLOW is a positive statement. Saying its DEAD is more accurate. There was a time when you made a post you would get 100 his per hour. Even more some days/nights.

Got any other leads where there might be PEOPLE?
I remember nights when i was trading like a stockbroker lol....I remember spending over $100 just in postage a week.
If I hadn't just bought a graded one I'd be all over this Mel. I'd be interested in your other Killebrews and twins probably.
Hope you got a nice one, they are getting harder to find everyday.

Glad to see there are still a few who have interest in better older cards. These will go UP in value, not the other way.

For some reason I can access others organize, have no idea why,,,,YET!!!
If I wasn't working a temp job right now I'd PayPal you the money tonight. Sadly, until I find out if the job's becoming permanent I've gotta curb my spending. And I've been looking for one of these, too. If nobody else jumps and my interview goes well I'll check back in with you.
I understand my Friend. Keep your life together first..I don't think it will sell any time soon and I will eventually raise the price. Take Care!

PS, I don't do paypal these days...Mel
not buying right now,but if interested in trading ,cmb
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