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Too broke to buy any SPGU at the moment, so I used a few Xmas Target gift cards to buy a pair of Titanium tins, and got a heck of a lot more than I expected.

Tin 1: Oversized RC: Nathan MacKinnon (Not a bad start, haha.)
Retail RC: Scott Laughton #080/299
Retail Parallel: Daniel Bang red #28/99
Autograph: Jason Zucker

Tin 2: Oversized RC: Aleksander Barkov
Retail RC: Stefan Matteau #189/299
Retail Parallel: Nathan MacKinnon GOLD #10/10 (Woah!)
Autograph: Anthony Peluso

[Image: 1_zpsa9135a60.jpg]

Not sure what I'm going to do with the MacKinnon yet, probably going to throw it up for auction. Thanks for reading, everything's for trade for similar Bruins cards.
good breaks man
Nice hit on both macs
Thanks guys, added a scan of the regular sized hits.
Great tins. Major hit on the MacKinnon.
Simply brilliant hits on the Mac's! Congrats, Chris!

Nice stuff
Well done those where two great tins
Threw the MacKinnon up for auction, and it's already got a bid on it. Hopefully a couple of Avs fans decide to have a bidding war in the waning hours of the auction, haha.
Great hits on the MacKinnon's, especially the /10. I've been seraching around here for the titanium tins but haven't found any yet. Congrats!!!
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