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Full Version: 1 pack 13-14 Dominion
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Hey guys,

I wanted to try an pack in hopes of pulling a Bennett card I needed(didn't happen). All in all it was an ok break, nothing to special. Redemption is for Duchene Auto Patches /99 and has been redeemed. Everything else for trade except the Fleury.

[Image: img138_zpsaf7cdf4e.jpg]

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Nice plate
Congrats on the decent break, Walt!

Nice break...who is that on the plate?
(01-23-2014 12:42 AM)johlix Wrote: [ -> ]Nice break...who is that on the plate?

Derek Grant
oh man, I hope that autograph patch of duchne looks pretty sweet
Really like the Jensen I'd be happy with that Smile
Not a terrible box Walt but it looks a little lack luster for me. The NEW products seem to be on 2 different spectrum's right now. Either you hit extremely BIG or you fall completely flat on your face. Hope the patch piece on the Duchene turns out nice for you.
Nice pack Walt, Hope you get a nasty Duchene patch. least you pulled a Pen! LOL!
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