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went to the LCS for national card day and wanted another UD series 1 box, but they didn't have any so Titanium was on sale for $89. Normally i'd not waste my money because Panini often results in some serious pack rage (a lot of junk and no value)

Base cards of B. Schenn, Price, Macarthur, Phaneuf, Markstrom, Silfverberg, Hiller, Eberle, Lehtonen, Fisher, M. Smith, Getzlaf, Filppula & Lecavalier

my "hits" were
Kaspars Daugavins & Craig Smith Game Worn Gear. Metallic Marks Bronze Corey Tropp Auto

 photo IMG_20140118_180534_619.jpg

Steven Stamkos Jersey Numbers Parallel /91, Zach Parise/Derek Stepan Game Gear /300 & I guess my "big hit" (sighs) was the Mikhail Grigorenko Rookie Reserve Patch/Auto /25

All are available
some pretty good hits id say
nice, I just opened my first box also today. same thing, went in and they gave me about 20 packs of National card Day and I bought one box of Titanium. it was 95 minus 12% so about same price. They never have hockey on the shelves here in Phoenix. This store has Prizm, Select, UD regular, Titanium and Black Diamond. He said because noone is buying football, and baseball wont start for a few weeks spring training, and hockey is very hot with all the rookies. I have entered many 2013-14 and about to add the Titanium now. Brian
Nice stamkos
The Grigorenko is a great hit! Congrats!

That Grigorenko is nice.
(01-19-2014 11:44 AM)rayeates Wrote: [ -> ]The Grigorenko is a great hit! Congrats!


I concur. Still sad that he got demoted to juniors.
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