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went on a small shopping spree at DAcardworld and picked up a box of 14 artifacts, a box of 13 between the pipes, and a freebie box of OPC

first with the opc and a random from panini prizm
[Image: opcgretzky_zps8c8b5284.jpg]
I don't know how they can put a gretzky "rookie" in this set...

between the pipes
[Image: betweenthepipes_zpsf89387c1.jpg]
lil vintage, howard auto, and a two color each dual jersey. NICE!

[Image: artifactsjan14_zpsfcf55ad7.jpg]
first patch in 3 boxes and vintage! kind of a bummer its a 1 color.

all are for trade. putting them in the organize now.

ALSO, is there a way to add a multiplier to multicolor cards in the organize?

A patch multiplier is not available. that's something you need to work out with any trade partner. Nice breaks.
Nice lightning redemption
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