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Picked up another of these....not bad

Tale of the tape
Roy vs Domi
McSorley vs Messier

Bloody battles
Cummins vs Kruse (for my set)

League leaders
Marty McSorley

3000 PIM Club
Bob Probert (wings PC)

Mike Hartman
Cam Connor
Troy Mallette
Jody Shelley

Instigator jersey
Jay Caufield

Combatants dual jsy
Chris Dingman vs Ryan Vandenbussche (Dingman is a patch 2 clr)

And the big hit

Out of twenty

[Image: image_zpsc54fc78b.jpg]
Yes 5 colors 6 breaks
Stupid question, but is the Mallette a Sens card?
(01-12-2014 02:40 PM)opierocks Wrote: [ -> ]Stupid question, but is the Mallette a Sens card?

Officially no, since ITG isn't endorsed, but in the pic (from the neck up) the jersey is black with red probably lol
Very nice stuff.
Sweet patch
Killer patch
sick patch
And it will be available lol
Sweet patch!! I'd be interested in the Shelley auto.....
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