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Picked up a mini box at the LCS...not too shabby

Pat lafontaine
James Reiner

Cameron schilling
Drew Leblanc

Fire on ice RC
Brendan Gallagher

Patrick Roy

Youth explosion auto
Mike Connolly

Auto jersey /199
Ryan Murray

And the big hit in my opinion

Fire on ice blue prism
Justin Schultz 19/25, jersey #)
[Image: image_zps3c32ba5c.jpg]
Nice hit on the Schultz congrats.
Not bad, congrats! eBay 1/1!!!!!!!!!
(01-12-2014 02:50 PM)bluefrozencanuck Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hit on the Schultz congrats.

Want it? Lol
Not bad congrats
Interested in the Roy
Sweet break indeed! I could use the Gallagher.

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