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I enjoyed this particular box.

[Image: DSC_0457_zps69b60bf6.jpg]

Jason Pominville Game Worn Gear Patch 21/50 Patch is coming out of the card.
Darryl Sydor Game worn gear
Nathan Horton Game worn gear/auto 88/75
Jaime Olecsiak Rookie Auto

An then this came for my PC, terrible picture though.

[Image: DSC_0456_zpsc38fd121.jpg]

Traders will be in my org soon
Nice Habs quad. Not sure if I like the new Titanium yet.
Nice quad
nice quad any numbering on that ?
#'d to 100
(01-11-2014 11:58 AM)dark crawler88 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Habs quad. Not sure if I like the new Titanium yet.

Just cracked 14 boxes and the answer is stay away. Way way too many jersey cards. I pulled a Fuhr 6 star and a Hemsky 4 star card and thats about it. Also, really stretching out the rrokies in this set. When I open 80% of the boxes and have never heard of the rookies, its watered down. Last year was better imo.
I can say that the Habs Quad is cool, but the rest is a bunch of nothing. Congrats on the nice PC hit!

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