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Selling what's left of my collection, will try here before the bay. Looking for 180 delivered I'm selling off my collection so will just list everything in one thread, will sell by lots or individually. Will consider best offers but wont go a ton lower on the lots. Take everything for 200.00

First lot is a Paul Goldschmidt super lot! Everything picture has a bv of over 10.00. All versions are refractors and most are sp. Looking for 180.00 delivered for the lot.

[Image: dfsdfesw_zps787ef2a4.jpg][Image: dgfhgfgf_zpsbdccb730.jpg][Image: gregrregrre_zpsb08b9230.jpg][Image: ghjgjhgh_zps7476adc4.jpg][Image: hjkjhhkj_zpsddbec3d8.jpg][Image: ykuyuyu_zps6788c758.jpg]

Wade Miley Lot - 30.00 delivered - card that got cut off is mint

[Image: fewfwew_zps0be3f4c8.jpg]

Misc lot - 30.00

[Image: rhrth_zps8d6c0f1e.jpg][Image: jjhkjhjjhj_zps74afbd36.jpg]
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