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Hey all, I'm David.

After about a 9 year hiatus in cards, I've resumed my Griffey collection. I used to be a member here, and other card sites (SportsCardForum is the only name I really remember) and I used to have a pretty big reference list a decade ago.

But alas, that probably means nothing to anyone here, so I don't mind doing the newbie thing and mailing first until I'm established again. Forgive me while I get used to everything, but if anyone could help, I have a few questions.

1. How the hell do I change my name? Anonymous_8675309 or whatever it is probably doesn't do me any favors on the boards.

2. Would you like to sell or trade me your Griffeys? I don't have much trade bait... some decent inserts of A-Rod, Maddux, McGwire etc (stars from the 90s/early 00s. But I do have a paypal account and great credit. Smile

*Looking primarily for cool cards I couldn't afford when I was younger... harder to find Griffey cards from 1989-2000.
Hey bud pm me and we can talk. I have a binder of 500+ish Griffeys. Really looking for Jeter in return or $$$$
Welcome, To trade or sell on Beckett, you will need to have cards entered into your organize, as all cards for trade or sell must be entered into your organize and marked accordingly. The 1st 2000 cards entered are free, over 2000 you have to buy an OPG or organize subscription. All transactions must be done via the trade tab at the top of the page. A good place to Start is by reading the sticky message atop the trading forums,
New Traders Read first

Thanks, Mod
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