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I saw 2 boxes of UM12 at the closest D&A the other day before I got paid, so went back for one on payday. The local big spender had already bought several with kinda mixed results. I love just about everything ITG, but I definitely know one card made this break even close..The other box was bought after mine and did not do as well...

Here's the breaks:

[Image: ufc1_0002_zpsa37cf38b.jpg]
[Image: ufc1_0003_zpsc1d2a2c2.jpg]

[Image: ufc1_0007_zpsd0137177.jpg]
Seems like any ITG break for me isn't complete without a Brett Hull Stars card. goal...


moving on..

[Image: ufc1_0006_zps19142894.jpg]

[Image: ufc1_0004_zps8d154475.jpg]
I don't think I've ever seen an Andreychuk card with him in a Boston sweater, always think of him with Buffalo, Toronto, or Tampa Bay..

And the star of the box, pretty happy with this. I don't think this is going anywhere..

[Image: ufc2_0008_zps3c73fae8.jpg]
Sweet wings quad!!!
WOW nice wings hit!
Great looking box. That Wings card is amazing, congrats.
Nice quad jersey
Ya, ditto what everyone else has said...that Wings Captains Quad is pretty sweet! Congrats.
Stellar cards, and the Wings Quad is SICK! Congrats!

Awesome Wings Quad!!!
Awesome quad congrats on your fantastic break
I hate you, that is all
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