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my bucket is better than my org but im working on it today. more scans in bucket!!

pm me or send me an offer. i have other sports and will trade for those too!

/60 photo IMG_1854.jpg

 photo IMG_2113.jpg

 photo IMG_2393.jpg

 photo IMG_2574.jpg

Eric Young Jr Red Refractor photo IMG_1686.jpg

 photo IMG_3323_zps6ceab88b.jpg

 photo IMG_2922_zpsffb6707d.jpg

David Wright PATCH photo IMG_1655.jpg

2005 Bowman Draft #81 Buchholz  RC photo IMG_1742.jpg

/99 photo IMG_2539.jpg
you can check me if you'd like. i'm shipping out some stuff tomorrow as well
new years bump
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