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Special thanks to rmpaq5. Thanks for the christmas card and the OPC rookie cups! That was awesome of you.

To all I have traded with over the past month, thanks for the PC help. All of my packages are on their way. I'm still awaiting a few. If they don't come in today I'm sure they'll be here when I get back in the country in a few weeks. I'm anxiously awaiting a Cespedes Lucky Redemption auto (I REALLY hope that comes in today so I can see it before I go!)

Happy Holidays everyone!
Happy holidays man!
Merry Christmas to you. If I come across any Cespedes you will always be first in line for the offer.
Safe travels my friend and hope to trade when you return.

Merry Christmas man!
Merry Christmas!
HO HO HO.... have a safe one... I got cups for you when you get back...MJ
Awesome! Have a great trip, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas my friend. Hope u don't spend it sick like me!! Lol
Merry Christmas... Get better Joe... Smile
(12-23-2013 05:57 PM)Sargieboy Wrote: [ -> ]Merry Christmas... Get better Joe... Smile

Thanks man!! Happy holidays to u as well!!
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