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Todays the day... As hard as it is to step away for a little while. I knew this day would come. Never did i think as fast as it did, but its here. So this weekend ill be packing up shop. I want to thank each and every individual i have ever traded with on the site. Through the good and the bad. My today collection is better than it has ever been. Never thought id see the day when i would think what do i want or need. Beckett and Beckett Community has helped me im more ways than i can count. I cant think of one single card that i have to have. Over the last 2 years i have managed to own just about every card i have ever wanted, so thank you again...

Its been fun guys! I know i wont be trading but i will continue to get on the site off and on while im deployed just to say hi and maybe buy a thing or two from some of you. LOL Just because i wont be trading doesnt mean i wont have money to burn. THAT IS IF THE WIFE GIVES ME THE GO hahaha...

Any way take care and continue to keep this site positive. I know the site has been slow over the last year, but i know the core group of guys on here will keep the site going and reopen the door to the collectors that have stepped away. I havent been on here as long as some of you so i dont know much about the good old days but i think the site is heading back in that direction.

Happy Holidays

P.S. I know i still have a few trades in the works if we are able to knock them out tonight or by the afternoon tomorrow i will get them out Monday morning, but after then the door is shut until i return.
Be safe and Thank You for your service. See you when you return.
Be safe man!! And thanks again. If u wanna knock a last one out. U wann do the Harper for the trout?
Good luck and be careful out there!
Happy Holidays!
Stay safe man!
Stay safe. Best wishes and Merry Christmas. Thank you for the trades and I'm looking forward to doing more when you get back.

Be safe!!! Best wishes to you and your family! Looking forward to trading with you again once you return safely.

Again all the best to you and have as merry of a Christmas possible.
stay safe my man.
(12-21-2013 04:34 PM)pyr0punk Wrote: [ -> ]stay safe my man.

I will did you see I accepted your offer. I will get your cards out Monday morning
Thank you for your service Richard. Please stay safe!

Thanks for the trade - hope I can add more to your Myers collection when you return.
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