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Anyone busting any of this product?? I opened 3 boxes yesterday, and think i will do at least 1 more. I am looking to do the rainbow set, also interested in any autos.

here are the hits from my 3 boxes

manufactured patches/3 rainbows
[Image: 001_zps86adce35.jpg]

[Image: 002_zps8c562e5a.jpg]

rainbow parallels will be marked as have/want in org soon.
Nice stuff but I would have to say no, unless of course an Edmonton fan or you hit some Gretzky.

Based on the pics, it doesn't seem bad for what looks like 3 AU and 2 patches per box.....but considering manufactured patches and auto's for all players over numerous decades, doesn't seem like the odds are with you for that big auto pull.
If it were the Penguins I'd be all over that! So, for an Oiler fan, ya i'd say it's worth it...
Love the idea of the set, card look good but at $115 a box seems to be a bit high. Saying that, I hope to bust a box in the hunt for a Oilers Great auto.
I would love to, but it is out of my price range. Might see what pops up on the secondary market, thanks for the show.

Merry Christmas
Very cool looking cards. Good luck with your quest
That a pretty cool product for a diehard oilers fan. Just unfortunate that there are manufacture patches compared to game used.
Thinking about trying to pick up a base set but that will probably be all.
BV wise you'll do ok and awesome looking Oilers card wise, you did great. your boxes just lacked the 1 card to save them. I agree with the person who said manufactured patches just aren't as good. Had those been real patches, that'd be sweet. As a Bill Ranford fan, disappointed here as well lol Really nice cards though
Nice break.
I'll post mine later this week (2 boxes).

As far as value, I think as an Edmonton fan, there is enough value in those boxes.I also think it depends on the production run. If it becomes sold out fast, value will go up.

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