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I once thought I had the brilliant idea to buy 4 to 5 3 inch binders and a ton of ultra pro pages to keep my base in order by year and set that way whenever something new came in I could just add it to the designated binder. However I have so many holes to fill so I dont think that is the best option anymore. Right now I just have them in order in 660ct boxes. It works ok I suppose but adding new cards becomes a job and Im not a fan of handling the cards as often as I need to to keep them updated. Penny sleeves would be too tight of a fit for the boxes Im using and I need about 2500 of them so I dont see me rushing to go that route. Anyone have a good/great system to keep everything organized neatly and efficiently?
Currently have all my base thrown in 4 5000 count boxes in a closet. The 5th is about to come out and once full will be disposed of either in file 13 or donated somehow.
Sleeve, top loaders and 3 row boxes for all my phins base.
I know it is a sin in collecting and it hurts everytime I do it, but I through my base away. Too much trouble for me.
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