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Full Version: Strata Retail is JUNK
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It's Topps.
I agree totally slufan! I haven't bought ANY NFL boxes/packs released after 2010 and no NFL in over a year and a half. I was at Target and decided to get a box of Prizm after my nephew bought an MLB blaster of it. I really liked the design, even without MLB logos!
Somehow, I changed my mind on the Prizm NFL and grabbed a Strata blaster. Man, how I wish I hadn't! 47 base cards and one Die-cut RC insert. Even worse is that I pulled 8 duplicates from the same box. It seemed like every other pack contained half of the previous pack. Collation sucks! At least I pulled mostly star players and RC's as my dup's (AP, Vernon Davis, Palomalu, Watts and Mike Glennon RC). I will never buy Strata again - retail OR hobby - ANY year!
I really wish I had stuck with the plan and got Prizm, at least I would've been guaranteed a minimum of 3 parallels. Plus the cards look awesome. Strata really isn't much better than the base Topps set. Topps is the reason I pretty much dropped out of buying NFL and MLB cards. I decided to give them a chance after 3 years and got screwed again. I guess I won't be buying any Topps cards for at least another 3 years. I'm just hopeful for Panini's future b/c the sets are finally starting to look good (in design).
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