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So I bought this card on eBay a few days ago. It isn't numbered or anything but it is an leaf authenticated autograph card of Teddy Bridgewater. I bought it for less than one hundred bucks. Anyone shed a little light and tell me how good a buy this was? I figure it could at least double in value if not more. Does it hurt that it isn't a numbered card? Thanks a lot!

Card is here:
[Image: megmgMP9fwjeKRpWPq6a72Q.jpg]
A little help! Wink
Looks sweet! I think he'll do great at the next level!
Thanks! I sure hope so lol Could definitely be a real centerpiece in my collection if he goes the route of Matt Stafford or Andrew Luck. Not sure he's at Luck's level yet but I sure hope he comes in firing away and playing well. If he goes to the Texans he'll definitely have some weapons right off the bat.
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