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Not sure what the heck else I can do. I continually list around 30 items each month on Ebay and sell about 1-2 items every 6 weeks or so. Not a high roller at all. And as with any other small time seller, you really get nailed by the DSR.

In May I got my first negative feedback ever via a stalker (I left him a neutral and returned a damaged card so he bid on something I had listed and left a negative) so I don't know if that is why my sales have taken a hit, but at least stuff sells at random.

But even with the stuff I DO sell, I have free shipping and I have it in the mail the NEXT DAY. On top of that I make sure I keep my buyer in the loop of what I'm doing and when I can ship it due to my weird work schedule. I sell one item at a time, I'm not too busy to message my customers.

I sold a graded card, 9.5, for $100 on Friday. It was delivered TODAY (which New Orleans area to Seattle area over the weekend is really good job on USPS). And since it was a $100 sale, I threw in a National Treasures Seahawks card, and a bunch of University of Washington cards (on a prayer that he wasn't a WSU fan instead).

I log in to Ebay today to see positive feedback (yay) and my DSR is down from 4.7 to 4.6, except for shipping. I've done everything BUT start inserting notes that ask for 5 stars. I've seen a lot of reputable sellers do that. I understand why, but I always worry *other* people will feel insulted by that gesture.

Just, UGH! At least, I was able to score a $100 sale before Christmas so I can get my lady a nice present (for around $70 after fees), but yeesh.
Weird! You know, as a buyer, if you are above 4.5 - that's as good as 5 to me. That just means you had some jerk that you cannot please. When I sold, I had the same thing.

Rant on, brother!
Honestly, as a buyer, I don't even look at the "star" ratings. I look at how many items they've received feedback on. and what percent their feedback is at.
ebay has so much traffic, the odds of coming across a moron every now and then is pretty good. ive had the same thing...send out within a day or two and get a 4 on shipping time but they received card within a week from paying. i dont get it either
(12-17-2013 09:13 AM)mnc99 Wrote: [ -> ]Honestly, as a buyer, I don't even look at the "star" ratings. I look at how many items they've received feedback on. and what percent their feedback is at.

+1, i also look to see how the seller responds to the negative feedback
I've had a bogus negative removed before. Contact eBay and let them know what happened.
(12-17-2013 10:40 AM)larry2garcia Wrote: [ -> ]+1, i also look to see how the seller responds to the negative feedback

Responses to negatives are what I look at most. If a seller responds with something like "that was our mistake and we apologize etc" that is a seller Im going with.

If its something ripping the person who left the feedback, I shy away. I feel most negative feedbacks are left by boneheads so how you respond to those boneheads is what I look at. Also too why the feedback was left in the first place plays a roll too obviously.
the [problem with low dsr's is not whether people will buy from you. it's about fees, and your ability to sell on ebay. it doesnt take much toget your selling rights revoked. and if you dont maintain the highest dsr status, you dont get a break of FVF
If I get any hint of the seller being a jerk, I avoid the sale. Even if its a must have PC Card. I really don't care about ratings unless its like under 95% positive, then ill look at the shipping and etc. a lot of sellers don't feedback until you do, so it's flawed in that sense.
As to your negative . I would contac eBay to have it removed.
People aren't supposed to be allowed to post retaliatory feedback
in that manner. I have sold little to nothing this entire year, even
with free shipping. Not even a best offer. On the buying side,
I make a best offer and they counter offer a quarter to fifty cents
off a high dollar card. I've had a seller not only pull that on me ,
come back to me about one of my items wanting 75% off a 1/1.
Seriously? I don't always give feedback because I am so busy. You
got my money, I got my card . I've never posted a negative. The sellers
I would have done so with were either deactivated before I could or
worked things out with me.

Truth be known, there's some great sellers and a few bad ones. I see
so much fraud and shilling that it's almost commonplace . I purposely
list buy it now to avoid all that crap. I also entertain offers within reason.
I tend to sell in bulk. It makes it economical for shipping. Problem with that
is some buyers think I'm desperate to get rid of stuff because I do it that
way, which is not the case.

Starting next year, I am going to give this website a shot
I did contact them when it first happened. They said it would be removed. I'm still waiting. I should probably call them back instead of moaning and groaning about it.

I appreciate everyone's feedback. As recently as 2010 I was selling multiple items per week and making enough money to cover FVF, shipping, and still have some money to play with towards buying cards.

This week's sale was a MAJOR exception to the rule. And to restate, I feel the most burned because I threw in a bunch of freebies in my sheer glee for making a sale.
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