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Full Version: Lets's Trade!!
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hello all!! well i have some in my org that i am willing to trade for or sell. preferably to trade. all r in my org. for the Myers whale, will be hard to get. looking for a Mays or Aaron auto in return. or another HOF. feel free to check me out and send over offers. thanks again!!
[Image: Scan0182_zps526c5a44.jpg]
[Image: Scan0183_zps9f1d9b14.jpg]
[Image: Scan0174_zps442a9508.jpg]
that Koufax is gorgeous!
Offer sent
Interested in the Harper as well as the Myers but don't have anything to stack up for the myers
Is the Koufax marked FT? Didn't see it. Check me for it, thanks.
offer sent. any combination of the deal would work for me. just need to fill in as much as i can
(12-16-2013 03:41 PM)greekgoony Wrote: [ -> ]that Koufax is gorgeous!

Thanks man!!
Open offer sent
Check me please, you always have stuff I like. Cheers.
Check to see if I have anything you'd like. Thanks.
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