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Have these for sell need paypal, if any interest please let me know..

Ripken /25

275$ shipped, 3 on other site for 375
 photo 6894A180-DA8C-4715-A09A-3DDD51E9D6E5_zpsxpr3xps5.jpg

!960 Psa 5 mantle
210$ shipped

 photo KGrHqJrIFJZcKigYsBSeSu9gce60_57_zps4b781d6d.jpg
Make me an offer guys
I didn't make an offer because I thought they were for Sell. I told Sell you had cards for him....... I can't believe he didn't send you a message.
Was you interested? My thread got deleted, Im in need of PayPal though..
Not real sure I guess you are trying to be funny ? Lol
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