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Hi I have a set of 2010 topps chrome baseball that is missing 4 cards. The strausberg rc is there! I also have 2 rc auto's and 44 refractors. some of the higher end refractors are mantle $10 nova $12 and carlos Santana $8

I don't collect baseball and am kooking to trade them for Cleveland browns cards if at all possible or maybe even some trade bait so I can acquire browns cards!

just let me know
baseball set has been traded! Refractors are still avail and so are autos!
(12-15-2013 12:20 PM)cleveland browns coll Wrote: [ -> ]baseball set has been traded! Refractors are still avail and so are autos!

Feel free to check my org.

Thank you,
People will have issues if you start trades, then automatically decline them. You should atleast message members if you are having issues, that way a lot of valuable time is not wasted. You have done this with me twice and it isn't cool. Fix your profile so you can recieve messages, and we won't have to air laundry on your threads.
First off I don't have any issues with you I have them with your way of trading. I trade cheap rc's for cheap rc's unless they are bundled in a big trade. You Countered my offer and I told you it looks like we cant get it done with the offer you sent! End of story. Keep your thoughts, your trades to your self and I will NOT Trade you again.
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