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The Prizm Pylon cards that came out for 2012 football came in factory sealed cases directly from Panini, right? (that's rhetorical, I have one LOL) Anyhow, why would you break the seal to get it graded, ESPECIALLY if it doesn't grade out to a 10?? There are 3 that have been on eBay recently, the Luck, Nick Foles, and JJ Watts (which is a RAW grading, not even an actual slabbed grade. Why would you do this, since if you leave it in the sealed case, you can say it's factory mint??

I know that the Jordy Nelson I have is going to be staying sealed, but would any of you actually break the seal to get a 9.5 grade on the card?
my Amendola 1/1 pylon is sealed with a panini sticker, and in a perfect scratch free panini case from the auction direct... still even have the box it came in... it will stay that was as long as I own it...
If was able to buy one of the Chicago Bears in my pc (The same bidder I believe bought everyone of the Chicago Bears that were offered). I would have graded. The reason being is it gets a BGS serial number and goes in my registry. I have done this with superfractors, uncirculated, Topps blank backs, etc. When your a BGS supercollector this is what you do, or at least it's what I do.

I guess in that regard, it kind of makes sense, but I would think that BGS would have a way of saying "this is uncirculated, ie 10 gem mint", and put it into another case, or bag, or something, so that the card does not leave the original case. If it's uncirculated, like these pylons are, they should be considered better than a 9.5. To me, that 9.5 Luck should be worth less than the uncirculated, since it was sealed in that case by the factory. Just pulling it out of the sealed case, IMO, could cause the corners to go from a 10 to a 9.5! Just surprises me that there isn't a way of keeping it uncirculated, sealed, and graded...
Right now I have these 2 cards that I want to send to BGS. So there is a regular version of this card but these must be from the Hawaii Trade show. Kinda weird that they labeled them both 1/5, and not 1/5, 2/5, etc. They have the Topps holo sticker on the back with a # (and these 2 are consecutive), but they don't have any stamping on the card (like a Playoff card would). So once they are taken out of these cases they are just the same as all the other 2001 Topps Autographs #TA-BU Brian Urlacher cards out there. Hoping they come up with a good answer for me.

[Image: 068_zpsfde5f239.jpg]
[Image: 069_zpsc39a43f5.jpg]

Many cards from the factory are considered 8's. This is why Beckett automatically defaults to grade 8 in the org. Cutting issues, edge issues etc etc make many cards a 9 or below. Uncirculated doesnt portray mint as it could have factory defects just as easily as others. On that note - I am right there with Zuba. I pop them to grade them (Let Beckett Pop them actually) I have several from the Super Bowl Box set that are graded (The Irvin is in my current mail thread) You should look at that thread. 100 cards submitted vs the number of 9.5's. Many non graded collectors dont realize just how hard it is to get a 9.5. A case of Panini Prizms and all the cards I graded from it went straight to Beckett from the packs. Out of 21 submitted only 10 came back 9.5's and those were straight from the pack into a cut corner soft sleeve and rigid holder.
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