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Full Version: Help with pictures
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How do you post pictures like I have seen people do so they comment on what the picture is? I would like to post my collection up here but cant figure it out
Typically, you have to have it hosted somewhere (I have my own .com and webserver, or you can use facebook, and I know there are some others I can't think of), then you type in the HTML for images like so:

< img src = "" />

Take out the extra spaces between the src, the =, and the "", and put the URL for the image in the double quotes.
Photobucket works best. Upload the pics and paste the [IMG] code in the thread.
go photobucket as the good doc suggested or flickr
[Image: JonesDrewRCAuto001_zpsda8e2b6e.jpg]

Thanks guys!! I went with photobucket! I will post a new thread with my collection if you are interested in looking at it!
I can see it Smile
(12-10-2013 04:28 PM)bojesphob Wrote: [ -> ]I can see it Smile

AWESOME! check out the post of my entire collection. Just posted it
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