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I am looking for OKC Thunder Rc and autos, Eddie Lacy Rc (not topps or low-end), BGS 9.5 any sport and BB prospect autos (mainly BC). Thanks for looking

[Image: f928ba9f-e719-4429-8550-3997718936d5_zpsb13bfb04.jpg]
[Image: 51b90e25-1e3a-4175-9eed-95a8f0f30762_zpsa6ebfdd5.jpg]
[Image: bd5319ec-42dd-4ec0-bb07-014dc5f9cf47_zps1f05cff5.jpg]
[Image: 3fc48ea9-100a-4206-a0e4-d4c5f9032642_zps3ce07187.jpg]
[Image: c8814fa9-dabe-41e1-b777-f2f2bd9d496e_zps4543a806.jpg]
[Image: image_zpsa369b055.jpg]
[Image: image_zps99c1818b.jpg]
[Image: image_zps14a2979a.jpg]
[Image: image_zps8690f3be.jpg]
[Image: image_zps2f8e7e7d.jpg]
check me for the carlos martinex please. Also have lots not listed. Im in the middle of re doing my ORG, sorry for the lack of cards. adding more every day
Check me for the darvish gold rookie cup. Thanks
Bump to the top
Any more takers the Darvish is gone
How much you looking for on Almora? BV and Sell
(12-11-2013 03:27 PM)redsoxbwler300 Wrote: [ -> ]How much you looking for on Almora? BV and Sell
Bv is 80 so I would sell for $50
Interested in the Rymer, Szczurs, Aaron Sanchez and possibly Soler. Check me for them and also let me know sale prices
You can check me for that trout green, beras auto and sardinas auto. I'm also interested in that romo graded card from your other thread
interested in a soler auto
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