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Got a few TTM/Custom Card success back recently that I wanted to share. Alex Gillett (WR, Present), Scott Tolzien (QB, Present), Jamari Lattimore (LB, 2011-Present), Davon House (CB, 2011-Present), Matt LaBounty (DE, 1994-95) & Matthew Mulligan (TE, 2013 Preseason)

[Image: 2012PackersPC74_zps3456fa99.jpg]

Also wanted to share a cool story having to do with the Matthew Mulligan card. It showed up in a medium sized manila envelope (all my return envelopes are standard sized PWEs). First thing I see when I open it is a 2 page handwritten letter from his wife, Stephanie, thanking me for the support and my letter. The letter talked about his journey through the NFL and their faith in god to Matthew currently being with the New England Patriots which allows them to be able to live only 30 minutes from her 94 year old grandmother.

She went on to mention that both she and Matthew deeply appreciated the extra custom card I sent along to keep as he had always dreamed about having a trading card of himself (Maybe one of the card companies can take note!). In addition to signing my custom, they included a 4x6 signed photo of Matthew with the Patriots, sent back my return envelope with the unused stamp on it for me to reuse and included another postage stamp to cover the one from the original envelope I sent.

I was pretty much blown away! I've gotten letters back from former players and small notes from current ones, but never anything like this! I wanted to do something to thank them both, so I decided to make a set of cards for them that highlights his career through college and the pros, including a custom design for the back of all 7 cards which can be found below along with a pic of the letter and autographs I received. Thanks for looking!

[Image: Mulligan_zps9817f807.jpg]

[Image: Mulligan2_zpsa0893343.jpg]
That's awesome!
Wow, pretty sweet, Alan! And what's the deal with Tolzien? He can sign for you, but he can't manage to sign his 2011 National Treasures RC?! LOL
thats awesome bro! Grats!
Simply fantastic man! It's great to be able to give something like that for a guy who is a bubble player. He'll always appreciate that kind of gesture.
Very cool man need to get back on the ball with ttm ing
Thanks everyone! Pretty excited to get them sent off to him!
You're making me really want to get the ball rolling on a TTM project! Thank you for sharing this awesome story Smile
Really cool story!
I got to tell you, first off, the customs are awesome! I love doing those, myself, but I have not done any in quite some time. And to have them signed TTM like that is a great idea i'm going to steal, as well. Like this one - This would be so much better if it were original and hand-signed:

[Image: AGAutoRayMancini.jpg]

Anyway, away from my narcissism...a heart felt "kudos" for a great story. I think that type of story shows the whole other side of sports...away from the super-stars and giant egos and million dollar contracts there is a very human side to sports, too.

Fantastic set you put together for him. A nice, clean design... Congrats on putting some good cheer and holiday spirit back into the season.
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