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Looking to get a few more trades before OPG runs out tomorrow night. Looking for a handful of different players. Please send open offers if interested.
Feel free to check me I have a ton of Phillies cards!
offer sent
Offer sent
Open offer sent.
Sorry for the delay everyone. I went out late last night to do snow removal. Losing my job at the end of this month so jumped at the chance to earn some extra cash. Gotta love how the weather people around here were calling for a possible coating to an inch and we got anywhere from 5-10 inches. Will get back to everyone later today after getting some sleep.
open offer sent
Well I was wrong. My OPG runs out tonight. Taking a break until at least opening day which is right around when I will be moving. Any trades not wrapped up by tonight will be cancelled so I can focus on the holidays, finding a new place to live and a new job too since mine will be gone at the end of the month. Hopefully we can get a few more in before tonight
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