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I am starting a team binder collection and I need the help of all of you who have a TON of commons and low-mid level stars clogging up your collections. I am talking about players like Danny Cox, Sixto Lezcano, Lloyd Moseby, Rick Aguilera. Players who may not be marquee names, but definitely made an impact on their teams.

This all started way back in the day when I created a binder solely for the 1986 Mets. Everyone who played on that team, even just 1 AB or 1IP, every card they had with them in a Mets uni was going in that binder. I'm a child of the '80's and I thought, why not make a binder for each team that has players that were the faces of the franchise or the local hero. Kent Hrbek, Tim Wallach, Cecil Cooper, etc....

What I'm asking is this: if you know you have players like this lying around or in Your Organize, please let me know and I will gladly take a look. In addition, if you don't see anything on my side that interests you, let me know what you're looking for and I will see if I have it. I have very little of what's For Trade listed, as you can imagine, most of my time is spent sorting through 5,000 count boxes.

Thanks for looking, sorry about the long post, take care and God Bless!
I have plenty if you want to take a look. I'm looking to trade for football but I'm up for anything that will downsize my collection. I also don't mind shipping flat rate boxes
Take a look at me. I have a mixture of everything including a number of commons. More also not in org that if I see a pattern in what you are asking I'll throw some of those guy in too if I find any.
I have a lot of cards in my Org. for trade.\, take a look.

I have over 16 thousand listed to trade.
I should have a bunch for you also I am willing to trade in your favor to get rid of a bunch.
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