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So I've been an active subscriber since January 2013, and get auto renewal every month for the football price guide. However when I went to check some prices today, it tells me that I need to purchase the subscription!?!? Also it shows in my profile that I don't have any active subscriptions....WTH???

Normally I would go about re-subscribing but after I looked at my Paypal account, I noticed the normal renewal transaction for my online football guide on NOVEMBER 27th!!!! So......I need my guide back without being double charged.

Please and thank you.

Anyone else encounter this issue?
This happened to me once and after I waited a few hours everything showed up fine.
Thanks for the heads up. I've contacted Beckett as well so hopefully it gets resolved quickly.
did your credit card expire? thats what happen to me once.
(12-03-2013 05:59 PM)mnc99 Wrote: [ -> ]did your credit card expire? thats what happen to me once.

It did back in July...but my auto renewal came out of Paypal funds and was paid in full on November 27th so if it were a card issue, you'd think that I'd still have an active subscription through December til it renewed again.
I'll alert admin
(12-03-2013 10:08 PM)floydtown Wrote: [ -> ]I'll alert admin

Thank you!!! I sent something to customer service but it says to allow 2-3 days for response Sad(((
Don't do auto renewal!!! Easier to pay the day after it expires and not have to fight to get your money back if it is their mistake!!

Probably get a new subscriber deal too!!
I actually have the same problem, it happened about 2-3 weeks ago I THINK and haven't done anything since.
Yeah it's still not fixed and I still haven't heard from customer service.
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