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you know how you always have cards that you sell or trade too early in the game? you guys got anyone that is "hot" right now that you wish you had kept?

i was just going through my photobucket account and came across this item that i completely forgot i had...and must have sold because i no longer have it...he has been one of the breakout stars of the last two years.

triple threads printing plate patch auto #1/1 foles
 photo nickfolespatchauto1.jpg
I've had a foles 2012 contenders auto that I've been waiting for since January. It's a redemption. It's past due to me and about 2 month ago, I highly considered requesting a different card just so they would send me something. Thankfully I didn't and I'll continue to wait! Will be sweet when I finally get it.
I sold 2 Keenum contenders for $3 each lol
(12-03-2013 02:28 PM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]I sold 2 Keenum contenders for $3 each lol

A dude on the baseball boards sold a Yasiel Puig auto for $10 a few months back.
some really bad losses here for sure!!!
Sort of. I pulled this sweet Adrian Peterson SPA 3 color patch out of a personal case break. He is crazy hot right now. I sold it for a good price and I can still pick up a decent one for cheaper than what I sold it for. It may not be 3 colors but it is still the SPA RC.

Also, I really really miss my Calvin Johnson Contenders RC. Sold it for a little over 90 big ones and I will have to pay about 60 more big ones for it. But I still have this from a sweet trade:

[Image: CalvinJohnsonGregOlsen_zps83db55f5.jpg]
That hurts man, you know how much you could get on the bay for that right now?
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