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I appreciate any help you can give me. I'm pretty self sufficient but for some reason I'm at a loss here. What I'm trying to figure out is where are these in the OPG?

The Brady 2006 Topps DP&P is definitely a refractor and appears to be the silver version BUT it's not factory numbered at all. OPG has it numbered out of 99 so I'm not sure if it may be a promo or something?

There appears to be no version of the Golden Tate numbered /25. I'm assuming it's just not in the database or not listed correctly?

For some #$&^+% reason I can't figure out where the Hopkins is in the database (Is it the recently added Topps rookie refractors?). I feel pretty idiotic for not being able to find it so be gentle! I'm totally kidding, you can give me some shhh....

Thanks for any help!

[Image: Scan_Pic0006_zpsd0ecee05.jpg]
[Image: Scan_Pic0007_zps415669b5.jpg]
The Hopkins is either a Target or Walmart exclusive. The Brady is the DP&P black chrome refractor. Sorry cant help much from my phone with links lol
The Tate is one of these ones.... (the /xx is for how many blues inks are in the print run of 25.)

The Brady... ( it goes by the color of the stripe on the name)

Thanks to both of you soooo much for your help! GREATLY appreciate it!!!
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