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Full Version: My Chiefs PC :)
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So i may not have the Biggest, Coolest, or Most Expensive Chiefs PC...but i love being able to show you guys what i love to collect!!! Here is where i will post all of my Patches, Autos, GU and lower #d parallels. Lets Begin!!!!

Jersey Cards!
[Image: gu_zpscd50d7eb.jpg]

[Image: jmc_zpsa3d69255.jpg]

[Image: ph_zps4f693f39.jpg]

[Image: jmc1_zps917422f1.jpg]

[Image: bowe_zps067e856f.jpg]

[Image: bowe1_zps4e2d6d23.jpg]

[Image: hof_zps1e2353b8.jpg]


[Image: jcp_zps7c292c46.jpg]

[Image: gup_zpsb148e0d1.jpg]

[Image: 8way1_zpsa58dd901.jpg]
[Image: 8way2_zps38b8ff40.jpg]

Patch Autos!!!

[Image: patchautos_zps87bc0cd0.jpg]

Low #d Parallels and Refractors!!!

[Image: jcr2_zps866c8bda.jpg]
Bottom 2 are /25

[Image: jcr_zps096f1180.jpg]

[Image: dbr_zps8469119c.jpg]

[Image: refractor_zpseb7ab7cd.jpg]
Breaston gold /25, Moeaki /50

[Image: uncut_zps97c62fa4.jpg]
Uncut Gold /4, Uncut Green /3

[Image: db10_zpsd00fce13.jpg]


[Image: jh_zpsa156b07b.jpg]

[Image: 2013-07-11012449_zpsdd47ea93.jpg]

[Image: jca_zpsc74775f2.jpg]

[Image: dtp_zps0e87ba8e.jpg]

[Image: auto_zps25f50b57.jpg]

[Image: tb_zpse410e4ff.jpg]

[Image: wrauto_zpsad57d1ca.jpg]

[Image: rbauto_zps2926f3b9.jpg]
Larry Johnson /30, Holmes /25

[Image: lda_zps4d251550.jpg]
Lookin good Blake. That triple with Stram is a keeper
Sick stuff man!
Very Nice! Smile
Love that Triple Feature!!
Nice!! I didn't know u were a Chiefs fan? Anyone else from the area? I'm from way south of the city in KS!!
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