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Full Version: trading (scans)
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[Image: bojacksonauto_zpsa6c5cc1c.jpg]
[Image: kershawagauto_zpsf1cffbbf.jpg]
[Image: verlanderstarsigningsauto_zps77dca254.jpg]
[Image: dawsonsoloauto_zps047a6e35.jpg]
[Image: carlossantanattt_zps3525fc0a.jpg]
[Image: howardjacksondualauto_zps410c5f2f.jpg]
[Image: weaveripauto_zpsd084dc90.jpg]
[Image: marichalauto_zps41f3acbb.jpg]
[Image: ljhoesgoldrefauto_zps255c9b63.jpg]
[Image: jaybruceauto_zps468a6e3c.jpg]
[Image: maurywillstributeauto_zps6a0b05ea.jpg]
[Image: hamiltonmasterpieceauto_zpsaeaf26ad.jpg]
[Image: priceletterauto.jpg]
[Image: tulotributeauto.jpg]
[Image: bjuptonsweetspotbarrellauto.jpg]
[Image: austinjacksonrefauto.jpg]
[Image: reynoldsbtlauto.jpg]
Lmk if u see anything for the jay bruce
please check me for the Bo
Check me for the Kershaw... Thanks
I'm interested in the Verlander/Jackson if you want to give me a look. Thanks.
I'd like a shot at the Tulo auto relic...
Would love a shot at the bo
didn't see anything i needed guys,thanks though

greekgoony-like the parrish auto and dr. j patch
see anything for you twins team tandems gu?
Any interest in a 2011 platinum Triple auto Mauer, Posey, Montero auto. If so send me an offer.. Thanks

I am interested in the Kershaw...
Check me for the Marichal and Dawson. I added some new cards in lately.
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