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Everything below is for trade I have a ton more in my org... Looking for wil Myers or anything else that catches my eye.

Thanks richard

[Image: image_zps6d6cdcc9.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsd77c33cb.jpg]

[Image: image_zps44a0cbcc.jpg]

[Image: image_zps0cdd50ed.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsf0f9d708.jpg]

[Image: image_zps225fd3d9.jpg]

[Image: image_zps3d7febff.jpg]

[Image: image_zps0805c372.jpg]

[Image: image_zpse4374472.jpg]
Do you need a 2013 bowman chrome gold refractor segura?
The site has been really slow over the last week looking hopefully to knock out a trade or two to kill the time.

Thanks richard

Sparkz2102 I don't have that segura but I'd love to add it to my collection
Offer sent with a note. Thanks.
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