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Another cheesey title but you will see what I mean. First off went to the LCS this morning and he was down to 2 boxes left of UD. I had to get one, so looked over the serial numbers, the first ended in 05. I always love this number, it brings me luck, but the second box the serial ended in 87. Oh I just can't pass 87 up because of Crosby and I'm sure glad I picked it. On to the break.

C60 - Backstrom (goalie)
C68 - Doan
C76 - Getzlaf
C79 - Selanne

Heroes 80s
HH40 - Gretzky
HH51 - Stastny

and these 2
[Image: img044_zps38c86e2c.jpg]
The Mrazek is for Mark(mq13)

Shining Stars
[Image: img043_zpsb5f6f481.jpg]

[Image: img039_zps682d8408.jpg]

Young Guns
[Image: img038_zpsbc8c6b9e.jpg]

Now a case hit
[Image: img040_zpsea64348f.jpg]
This one will be going to Hugh(pens_fan_addict)

Now I think I left out a YG, oh here it is.
[Image: img041_zps2a5eeeab.jpg]
Sweet and no printing flaw.

But wait that's not all. What could top a MacKinnon YG.


[Image: img042_zpsa1fee502.jpg]
YG Exclusives 005/100

Very happy with that box. One of the better ones I have busted. Not sure what I'm going to do yet with the MacKinnon and Yakupov but if I decide to trade them I would have to have some better Beau Bennett cards in return. Everything else will be marked for trade shortly.

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Outstanding Break, (and a better cheesy title than my "Hertl the Turtle"!)

I'm interested in the Brock Nelson YG. Let me know who you collect. Thanks.
Amazing Box Walt
ive got a bennett and maata hg/10's coming in...
WOW awesome pick on the box.
Congrats on a fantastic break
Nice stamkos
Amazing break, Walt!!! I could use the MacKinnon, and I know that I have some stuff that you would like. Big Grin

Randi're the first person I can find on here to pull the Mrazek...and it's already gone...excuse me while I cry!
wow nice breaks
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