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Have over 100 Castros with lower end rookies that I will start loading if there is any interest. Would be looking for Star Cardinals mostly but like a lot of stuff. Just don't want to load them all up for them to sit. Thanks.
I collect Starlin. Specifically working on 2013 Topps Chrome rainbow right now but open to anything I don't have. Maybe check me for anything that might interest you before going through the work though.
Ill load some up in the next day or 2 and if need be Ill load the rest later. Thanks.
Just loaded a bunch of them if anyone needs any. Thanks.
Open offer sent. Thanks!
(11-22-2013 09:33 AM)glassnickels Wrote: [ -> ]Open offer sent. Thanks!

Offer sent back. Thanks
bump on the Castros. Thanks.
Loaded 3 Jersey cards too.
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