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Finally got tired of waiting a year and a half on my 2012 topps supreme dual auto of Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin. Should have waited longer, didn't do to bad but not really what I wanted. Got a 2010 topps chrome Sam Bradford rookie auto. It is for trade if anyone wants it
what seriously? thats a terrible replacement if you ask me. sorry man
(11-18-2013 09:32 PM)nthnoak Wrote: [ -> ]what seriously? thats a terrible replacement if you ask me. sorry man

I agree unfortunately i can't say much. I knew the risk and they replaced with same BV just like they said
I agree,Topps did you no favors with that one.You deserved better IMO!
Wish I had some stuff to trade, as I'd be interested in the Bradford Sad
Send it back and say it wasn't what you agreed to.... Ask for some players on a team you like ....worth a try
Has anyone ever had any luck sending a replacement back ?
Why does it seem strange to me that a manufacture follows beckett's value of a replacement? I think you got hosed but to each his own.
At least they're doing 1 for 1 trades ... a few years ago I pulled an Allen Iverson auto redemption, and after about a year and a half they sent me three crap autos and two crap jerseys as "equal book value" ...
Yeah honestly if they are gonna do book value I think the "status" of a player should matter as well. Peterson is a superstar, his card should be replaced with another superstar IMO. Bradford has potential but still hasn't shown that superstar quality. Petersons value isn't going anywhere while Bradford could still go down considerably if he flops . Just my jaded opinion haha
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