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Full Version: UD S1 box break
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Gave in and busted a box of ud S1 here are the hits


[Image: 2ya2qBem.jpg] [Image: CLvnkHTm.jpg] [Image: T3dna9Lm.jpg]
[Image: hD5GzL5m.jpg]

Hockey heroes

[Image: 7qnmDgOm.jpg] [Image: ZtFhIUom.jpg]

Shining Stars

[Image: OyaDSMTm.jpg] [Image: ZADmRs1m.jpg]


[Image: dNx0w3Vm.jpg] [Image: qWkByUCm.jpg] [Image: 97w96wom.jpg]


[Image: UFhNxTim.jpg]

Game Used

[Image: 0rzeK4Em.jpg] [Image: 7d3EB5zm.jpg]

Are these case hits?

[Image: FKdY2Dom.jpg]


[Image: qVBC9zem.jpg]


[Image: uF2FUOpm.jpg] [Image: Keb4zrym.jpg] [Image: 5Vht7zZm.jpg]
[Image: H5RyFuOm.jpg] [Image: XTWlyxMm.jpg] [Image: wRpJqPJm.jpg]

And this guy!!
[Image: pyuanVmm.jpg]
Congrats on the case hit!!! Very nice break!!
Nice break! Interested in trading the Hertl? Smile
Great box! Congrats.
Nice break!!
Leigt box, I just smashed a solid one too!
Nice. I should post my box break, too.
Nice hit on the Hertl!!
Nice stuff
Very nice hit, Jon!!! You can't go wrong with snapping up one of the top Canvas cards in the set.

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