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Full Version: 2013-14 Prizm Blaster
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Good evening all. Big package of boxes coming my way next week but couldn't wait and needed something to bust. The more I bust of this the more I like it.

Jack Campbell
Chris Brown
Chris Terry

Red Prizm Brayden Schenn
Red Prizm Erik Cole
and 2 stud D Men...

Red Prizm Letang
[Image: LetangRed_zps7db6aaf7.jpg]

Red Prizm Pietrangelo
[Image: PietrangeloRed_zps5d79125a.jpg]

Pivotal Players Carter
[Image: CarterPP_zps080d1648.jpg]

Immortalized Bergeron
[Image: BergeronI_zps8b1a7059.jpg]

Endless Impressions Stevie Y
[Image: YzermanEI_zps169e7ff2.jpg]

Base highlights included Stamkos, Kopitar, Doughty.

Pretty happy for $20. Not sure why I got 4 Red Prizms. I thought the 3 card bonus pack would be 3 Red Pulsars since it was Target but they must be just the rack packs, this was the actual blaster box.

And like I said earlier, look for some more threads from me next week! Big package coming from D&A....I got promoted to supervisor at work and salary, no more hourly I'm celebrating!

All are marked FT if anyone is interested.
Nice yzerman
Not too shabby indeed! Congrats on the new position, and I hope that it lands you some nice cards in the near future. Hehe!

Nice stuff...I like the Stevie Y.
Congrats on the new Randi said, hope it keeps bringing the goods..
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