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Just updated my ORG and scanned everything to make it easier to tell what is available

I will update as I get stuff in!

[Image: Update002.jpg]
[Image: update005.jpg]
[Image: update007.jpg]
[Image: update003.jpg]
[Image: Update001.jpg]
[Image: update004.jpg]
[Image: update006.jpg]
1 base trumbo, 1 refractor, 1 blue refractor
[Image: update001.jpg]
Looking to keep at my Nick Franklin TC Rainbow so any autos from TC I will probably be interested in. Same with Profar but feel free to send me open offers to check ORG

Jose Fernandez Inception auto
Felix Hernandez/Danny Hultzen
Paul Goldschmidt
Hamilton coin
Strasburg Prizm auto
Taveras Prizm auto
Appel auto
[Image: Newft001.jpg]
[Image: NewFT004.jpg]
Ginter Darvish $140
Cabrera $40
Myers/Syndegaard pack $20
JoFer and Stanton FT only ATM
Tony Perez rookie(Rough condition and writing on the back) $35
Nolan Ryan auto patch 7/10 $175

[Image: NewFT002.jpg]
Mesoraco/25 $20
Machado in the Cello pack 420
Russell(Only selling one) $40
Lawrie lot 2013, 2012 Ttt/99, 2012 Gold rush/80, 2012 BP red ref auto patch/25 $150 for the lot

[Image: newFT003.jpg]
Beltran/10 $40
Weighnwrite/50 $20
Springer $32
Walden 1/10 $20
santana 1/5 $20

2013 Topps chrome Atomic ref auto Jurickson Profar /10
2012 Topps Finest Nelson Cruz auto/25
2013 Bowman Platinum Mike Zunino auto
2012 TTT Auto relic Elvis Andrus/Dee Gordon/ Starlin Castro/27
2008 Panini Anthony Rizzo auto/500
Matt Cain rookie auto
Check me for the Machado Green, Wacha Green and the Bundy auto. Thanks
PM me a price for the Sterling Hamilton and Inception Fernandez, please!
What is numbering on xander auto?
I believe it is 7/10
I would be intersted in the Bogaerts.... and its #4/10... Smile
(11-16-2013 02:39 PM)Sargieboy Wrote: [ -> ]I would be intersted in the Bogaerts.... and its #4/10... Smile

Hah thank you Smile Okay will PM you
Bring this up!!!!!
Check me for the Hernandez and the Fernandez....
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