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Hay all I would love to scan this but I can't Sad

I was trying to get an idea on This 2013 Hockey Hero's # 50 Mario Lemieux 7/15 . Just trying to get an idea on what possibly this may be worth tis all.
Oh just to add . This card was pulled from series one obviously. But on the back of it , it says " series 2"
whatever some body is willing to pay for it.
LOL I hear ya. Just figured someone may have an opinion on what it's worht may be. Also I have to ammend the above info The card is actually from " 2012-2013" series 2 but pulled from 2013-2014 series 1
Yes nice card I'm sure a Lemiuex collector would make a decent offer for your card.
Yes I agree. I just like to get opinions from others . As these low print cards aren't priced " due to scarecity" lol . I just hate to referance once place like e-bay. I got others aswell like a lemiux out of 10 auto and a gretzky out of 12 too. Just hate putting a price on them all that only comes from my opinion ( obviously higher than should be) . I am not even selling them . I just like to price things out.

Thanx for the reply's all
If you had a scan, i may be able to shoot you an guarantees though im no guru of cards by any means, just another opinion like you mentioned..hope to help
(11-21-2013 12:23 PM)camaroirocz Wrote: [ -> ]I just hate to referance once place like e-bay.

Not to come across as a jerk (and that's really not how I mean what I'm about to say at all, its 1 am so I'm just being blunt lol). But eBay is a great place to find what the TRUE selling price of a card is! No offense to Beckett, I use your prices when trading all the time, but cards rarely/if ever sell at book!

If you're looking for a selling price, EBAY then ask for a little more than comparable stuff...that way you can have some room in your negotiation.

If you're looking for a trade price, ebay prices times two tends to be what I go by for really low #ed stuff!

Hope this helps!
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