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usually i try to accompany a for trade thread with some scans buuuuuuuuut im being a bit lazy and the list is pretty long of what i've added. Mostly low end autos but some middle of the road stuff as well. looking for rangers, and Inception set needs.

so if you have time to burn check out my org. Wink

[Image: newtrade0001_zps7ccbb9d8.jpg]

[Image: newtrade0002_zpsf93575fe.jpg]

[Image: newtrade0003_zps34c68cb1.jpg]
Open offer sent!
24 hr scan bump!
Check me for the Freeman and Wachas.
Didn't see the Freeman in the Org. What you looking for in a trade for it so I can add something's. Want the freeman. Thanks
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